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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Rotary Club of Dubuque! We are a membership club of over 150 people from the community who are here for networking, for fellowship and to make a difference in the community – both locally and internationally. You might be surprised to learn about everything we're accomplishing in our free time!

The question is often asked: What is Rotary? In my 11 years a member of this club, I’ve observed that Rotary is something different to everyone. It could simply be fellowship and networking; it could be service and philanthropy, or it could be personal and professional development. Regardless of what Rotary means to each of its members, we are continually creating collaborative partnerships, important business relationships and, more often than not, some close lifelong friendships.

I encourage you to discover more about Rotary and its motto, "Service Above Self" by visiting Locally we are leveraging many of the resources that Rotary International makes available to its clubs including youth exchange programs and the Interact program for high school students. We also utilize global grants which allow our local dollars to be multiplied for projects that our members here in Dubuque have spearheaded around the world.

We love "Making a Difference" in our own lives and in the community. And we have a lot of fun along the way! Take a look below at some of things we've been up to or connect with me to learn more about our club. I hope you will take a bit of your free time to visit with us at a Tuesday noon meeting or at one of the many events happening year-round.

In Rotary Service,
Steve Davis
Rotary Club of Dubuque President 2017/2018

A few examples of our service projects include:

Super Shot Saturday
Immunizations of children about age 5 entering school for the first time in the fall.
Roadside cleanupWe “own” a section of Highway 52 South by St. Catherines and clean up the area each spring and fall.
Youth ExchangeWe host (and send) students to and from other countries every year.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards A leadership program coordinated by Rotary Clubs around the globe. Each year, high school age students are sponsored by Rotary Clubs to attend this extraordinary leadership development event.
Christmas Bell-ringing
(Christmas eve day)
Outside of the labor unions, Rotary raises more money for the Salvation Army Kettle Bell ringing than any other group.
Other fund-raisersWe also sell drinks at the Grand Opera House, the ARC games, and hold a charity golf outing each year.
Humanitarian GrantsWe provide a total of up to $20,000 or more each year to a variety of local non-profits groups.
Veteran's RaffleA raffle to raise money for the Veteran’s Freedom Center, a place for active duty, reserve and all honorably discharged tri-state military veterans to interact with fellow veterans, network together and enjoy the camaraderie that all have shared while proudly serving their country.
InteractInteract is a club for students at Wahlert, Senior and Hempstead high schools who want to join together to tackle the issues in this community. Through Interact they carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, and develop leadership skills.

In addition to service, Rotary started as an opportunity to network and make friends with other business and professional men and women. It's great to do business with a Rotarian! You can make a difference in your career, your community and your world through membership in Rotary. It is truly international, apolitical and without any specific religious or denominational affiliations. And, Rotary has changed the world for the better.

The Rotary Club of Dubuque has earned the reputation as the service club to join if you want to make a difference with like-minded community leaders. We also are known for having a lot of fun while we are at it! Please come, be our guest, and find out what Dubuque Rotary is all about!

What is Rotary?

  1. Rotary is an organization of business and professional men and women from the greater Dubuque area united with over 1,193,000 Rotarians in 161 countries. We provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build good will and peace in the world. As one of nearly 30,000 Rotary Clubs, the Rotary Club of Dubuque is proud of its dedicated members who volunteer their time and effort toward creating a better future for their families, their professions and community.
  2. Meetings and Attendance 
    Rotary meets each Tuesday at the Dubuque Golf & Country Club- 12:00 noon until 1:15 p.m. When you arrive, purchase either your meal ticket or a salad at the table at the meeting room entrance. When you go through the buffet line use larger plates only if you have purchased a meal ticket. A coffee ticket may be purchased at the Badge table. It is a good idea to change places at different tables to get to know your fellow Rotarians. Rotarians are called by their first names. We have a different guest speaker at every meeting and once per month our members give brief talks. We consider it a courtesy to the speaker to stay for the entire meeting. However, if you must leave early, you must pay an "early leavers" donation at the door.
  3. Fun and Frolic
    Each year we give scholarships to Seniors from six schools. The money is raised by fines to Rotarians with particular accomplishments, new jobs or changes in family situations. It's good fun for a good cause.
  4. Raffle 
    We also raise money through a weekly raffle. This money goes for charitable causes. 40% goes out in prize money, 60% back to the club's treasury.
  5. Projects 
    Rotary has several fund raising projects, the profit going to charitable groups or individuals including High School students.
  6. District 
    We are one of 54 clubs in District 5970. Our contact with Rotary International includes the Conference for all Rotarians, the District Assembly for new officers and committee chairmen, and the annual Rotary Convention for world-wide members. Our district governor is Jim Coloff of Forest City, Iowa.
  7. Paul Harris 
    You may contribute to a fund for educational and charitable purposes by becoming a sustaining member to Paul Harris Fellowship by contributing $100 or by becoming a Paul Harris Fellow with a contribution total of $1000. More information on these may be found in pamphlets or obtained from Foundation Chairmen.
  8. Attendance and Make-up 
    You are expected to have 60% attendance. You may make up by attending the Dubuque Key City Club on Monday at 11:45 at the Dubuque Golf and Country Club or any other Rotary Club. Most Rotary Clubs have websites that list their meeting days and locations. Merely Google the city or community you plan to visit followed by "Rotary Club" and that should be sufficient. For example, if you're traveling to Boca Raton, FLA, type in a search field, "Boca Raton Rotary Club." In a community the size of Boca Raton, there is more than one Rotary Club, so endeavor to find the one that is closest geographically to where you will be staying in that community. 

    When traveling, you will find that attendance at another club can be an interesting experience. In almost every city in this country and in most major cities in the world, your Rotary Pin will make you welcome at any Rotary Club.

    If you know that you are not going to be able to attend regular meetings for an extended period of time, contact the Club Secretary to request an excused leave of absence.
  9. Types of Membership 
    Rotary guidelines provide for four kinds of membership: Active, Senior Active, Past Service and Honorary. A majority of all members are Active; only several members are in the Past Service and Honorary category; but there are a number of members designated as Senior Active. Senior Active membership is a recognition of members who have attained a combination of age and length of membership of:

    a. Member of Rotary for 15 or more years, OR 
    b. Member for 10 or more years and attained age of 60 years, OR, 
    c. Member for 5 or more years and attained age of 65 years, OR, 
    d. Member who is a present or past officer of Rotary International. 

    When Senior Active membership is designated, then the classification assigned to that member may also be assigned to a new member while the Senior Active Member continues membership.
  10. Classification of Membership 
    Keep in mind that types of kinds of membership such as Active, Senior Active, etc. are not classifications of membership.

    A CLASSIFICATION is a word or phrase which describes the principle and recognized activity of a firm, company or institution or of an independent business or professional endeavor. Classifications are determined by activities or services to society rather than by the position held by a particular individual. In other words, if a man is the president of a bank, he is not classified as "bank president" but is assigned the classification "banking."

    The classification principle of membership is the foundation upon which a Rotary club is established and maintained. It assures a membership which is representative of the business, professional, and institutional life of the locality in which the Rotary club is established. Rotary clubs should have an active membership which is so diversified that ultimately every worthy and recognized phase of business, professional, and institutional life in the locality is represented in the club.
  11. Election 
    Each December an election is held to select officers and members of the Board of Directors. The ballot includes the President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and 6 names for Board of Directors.
  12. Meeting Agenda 
    Pledge of Allegiance, America, Invocation, Introductions, Announcements, Raffle, Songs, Fun & Frolic, Speaker, Closing.




Rotary is the world's first service club organization. The Rotary movement was born on the evening of February 23rd, 1905, when Paul Harris, then a young lawyer, who felt somewhat lost and alone in the sprawling city of Chicago, called three friends to discuss an idea that he had been developing. One of the three was a coal dealer, one a mining engineer and the third a merchant tailor.

Paul's idea was that businessmen should get together periodically to enjoy each other's company and to enlarge their circle of business and professional acquaintances. Out of their discussion came the idea of a club whose membership would be limited to one representative from each business and profession. Weekly meetings were to be held at each member's place of business in turn. The rotation of meetings was designed to acquaint the members with one-another's vocation and to promote business. Hence the name of "Rotary" was adopted early on.

When the Dubuque Club was organized in November, 1915, it was the 198th club in Rotary. We were the tenth club in Iowa. At the organization meeting there were 23 present.

The club met twice a month at the New Julien Hotel. We grew rapidly in seven months jumping from the original 23 to 83 members.

There was no weekly "Barrage" during the first four years. Then Dave Rath became president and out came the first issue. Later, weekly issues in the present form were started and have continued.

Under the sponsorship of The Dubuque Rotary Club, The Key City Rotary Club was organized in 1986 as the second Rotary Club in Dubuque.

There have been 8 District Conferences held in Dubuque; the first was in 1921. Billy Coppock was District Governor. At this meeting we had as our principal speaker, Bert Adams, immediate past President of Rotary International. The second conference held in Dubuque was in 1934 when Gerry Hunt of Guttenberg, was District Governor. The third conference was held in 1953 when Otis Young of Mt. Vernon, was District Governor. The fourth conference was held here in 1965, when Elmer Lindhart of Humboldt was the District Governor. It was held at the Julien Motor Inn as were the fifth, sixth, and seventh District Conferences. Harold Sweet was Conference Chairman. The fifth conference held in Dubuque was in 1972 when Ed Zeller of Cedar Rapids was District Governor. Again, the Conference Chairman was Harold Sweet. The sixth conference, in 1978, was held when King Herr was the District Governor. Dave Hartig was Conference Chairman. The seventh conference was held in 1983, when Walter E. Eschen was District Governor. Dan Kruse was Conference Chairman. The eighth conference was held in 1989 when Ken Kalahar was District Governor. It was hosted jointly by the Dubuque Rotary Club and The Key City Rotary Club and was held at The Dubuque Inn. Wm. Spitznas of the Key City Club was Conference Chairman.

There have been six District Governors elected from the Dubuque Club. The first was Paul Rankin who joined the club the first year it was organized and served as Governor in 1922 and 1923. The second District Governor was Edwin B. Lyons, who served in 1951-52. Ed was one of the most highly respected Rotarians as well as citizen of Dubuque during his life time. The third District Governor was Max Clark whose tenure was 1957-58. Max was a dedicated community servant and and educator of exceptional ability. The fourth District Governor was King Heer, who served in 1977-78 and is known for his excellence in photography. The fifth District Governor was Walter E. Eschen, who served ably from July 1, 1982 to June 30, 1983. He was an outdoor enthusiast. The sixth District Governor from Dubuque was Ken Kalahar who served in 1988-1989.

The Dubuque Rotary Club has participated in International Youth Exchanges. We have hosted students at the high school level from Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Philippines, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, West Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil.


Our Mission & Club Focus

Through the years, the Rotary Club of Dubuque has placed a strong emphasis on the youth in our community with projects ranging from immunization clinics for young children to scholarship programs for High School Seniors. Along with this special interest in any young people, other items that gain the attention of our Rotary club include:

  • Providing interesting and informative weekly programs at our meetings - utilizing speakers from all walks of life
  • Being aware of the less fortunate in our community by assisting with activities such as the Salvation Army. Holiday Bell Ringing appeal, providing food for the needy and distributing toys at Christmas to children with need.
  • Offering community entertainment programs such as Swing fest, Wine for our River and hosting the original Glenn Miller Band.
  • Funds raised by the Rotary Club of Dubuque are often directed towards community development projects such as a pledge of $50,000 to help construct a pavilion along the new Missisippi River Walk area.
  • Creating goodwill among other Community Civic groups (Lions, Kiwanis, etc.) by visiting their meetings and inviting their members to visit our Rotary meetings)

In all activities and ventures undertaken by the rotary Club of Dubuque, our goal is to provide service to our community and give all members leadership training and practical experience in community affairs.

Past Rotary Dubuque Presidents

James M. McFadden 1915-17
E.F. Lusch 1917-19
Glenn Brown 1919-20
David D. Rath 1920-21
E.B. Lyons 1021-22
G.D. Rose 1022-23
E.M. Healey 1923-24
Guy Tasker 1924-25
A.C. Johnson 1925-26
Fred Kammiller 1926-27
Robert W. Clewell, Sr. 1926-27
Wm. Kaynor 1927-28
Victor Clarke 1927-28
J.G. Chalmers 1927-28
Dale Welch 1929-30
L.M. FitzGerald 1030-31
John Maclay 1931-32
Max Bell 1932-33
Wayne Johnston 1933-34
Henry Willits 1935-36
Howard McCoy 1935-36
David B. Cassat 1936-37
Halsey Hanger 1937-38
Wm. B. Zuker 1938-39
Maurice Brooks 1939-40
Chas. E. Dove 1940-41
W.C. Portenier 1941-42
Fred Fuhrman 1942-43
King Herr 1943-44
Hale Reid 1944-45
Joe A. Rhomberg 1945-46
Kenneth S. Gordon 1946-47
David S. Hartig 1947-48
Milton L. Kapp 1948-49
E. Marshall Thomas 1949-50
David P. Campbell 1950-51
Alan H. Graves 1951-52
Max R. Clark 1952-53
Waldo E. Brooks 1953-54
Leslie M. Sweaney 1954-55
William J. Crocker 1955-56
Kenneth D. Rose 1956-57
Robert W. Clewell, Jr. 1957-58
Bernard J. Holm 1958-59
James A. O'Brien 1959-60
Harold W. Sweet 1960-61
George L. Cassat 1961-62
Earl L. DeVoe 1962-63
Harold M. Pulsifer 1963-64
Robert W. Steele 1964-65
Laverne F. Benz 1965-66
Don O. Leopold 1966-67
Ralph Glenn 1967-68
Harold B. Workman 1968-69
William R. Jansen 1969-70
Ivan E. Dull 1970-71
Floyd G. Rundle 1971-72
C.A. Firzlaff 1972-73
Frank H. Richardson 1973-74
C. Terry Fisher 1974-75
Gene P. Gordon 1975-76
Paul Rossiter 1976-77
Walter Eschen 1977-78
Frank T. Hardie 1978-79
J. Robert Casper 1979-80
Dan Kruse 1980-81
Clifford J. Lorenz, Jr. 1981-82
Joseph A. Rhomberg, Jr. 1982-83
H. Lee Thacker 1983-84
Edward R. Bowers, Jr. 1984-95
Thomas W. Hopper 1985-86
Thomas J. Reilly 1986-87
Kenneth Snodgrass 1987-88
James Schilling 1988-89
Thomas Oglesby 1989-90
Robert Rudzianski 1990-91
Barry Bromberg 1991-92
Frank Zahn 1992-93
Kathy Kurt 1993-94
Michael Pratt 1994-95
Dan Adams 1995-96
Keith Cook 1996-97
Ken Furst 1997-98
Steve Domeyer 1998-99
Mary Ann Gassman 1999-00
Rod Baake 2000-01
Paul Hemmer 2001-02
Fred Wallace
  (incomplete term) 2002-2003
Kevin Lynch 2003-2004
Mike Loveless 2004-2005
Amy Weber 2005-2006
Guy Gard 2006-2007
Chuck Andracchio 2007-2008
Rob Apel 2008-2009
Doug Pearce 2009-2010
Tanya Bottomley 2010-2011
Kent Renier 2011-2012
Bob Woodward 2012-2013
Craig Beytien 2013-2014
Eric Hilbun 2014-2015
Steve Geisz 2015-2016


Paul Harris Fellows:

Ambrose John
Andracchio Charles
Armstrong Michael
Babka Edward
Beacham Andrea
Beytien Craig
Blankenbaker Andy
Bleile Loras
Breckon Wayne
Brotherton Douglas
Brown Wallace
Buesing Kenneth
Casper Robert
Curoe James
Davis Steve
Doland Mike
Domeyer Steven
Donnelly Chuck
Eager Robert
Ehtessabian Reza
Enzler Jerry
Fairchild Teri
Faustlin Jodi
Fiegen Matthew
Gassman Mary Ann
Geisz Steve
Goins Scott
Gordon Gene
Grant Danita
Grierson Robert
Hilbun Eric
Jaeger Tom
Kremer Gery
Kronlage Paul
Kruse Daniel
Kuttler William
Lichti Glenn
Loeppke Larry
Loewen Donna
Loveless Michael
McKahin Blake
Miller-Michel Carrie
Montes Lynette
Moore Tanya
Mozena Darryl
Pearce Brett
Pichik Marc
Schmid Jack
Shafer Roger
Skemp William
Snodgrass Kenneth
Solberg David
Stoll Michael
Tauke Aggie
Taylor Randi
Trimble Jerry
Tully Kimberly
Vincent Alan
Webster Walter
Darrah John
Gard Guy
Goodmann Dominic
Goodmann John
Graham Joe
Hamilton Steven
Hemmer Paul
Koneru Sudhir
Kurt Kathy
Moothart Tim
Nagle Jeff
Oelke Les
Ryder Wendell
Schardt Ronald
Schilling James
Shafer Gerene
Sheth Vinod
Taylor Joey
Green Charlie
Pearce Douglas
Renier Kent
Seyer Michael
Udzielak Patricia
White Joyce
Cook Keith
Rudzianski Robert
Donovan John
Walker Marian
Weber David
Luckstead Jon
Sanders Donald
Weber Charles




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