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Types of Members and Expectations for Membership

Red Badge Members - The Red Badge Program was instituted as a means to help new members of the club to acquaint themselves with the club, its members and many of the activities we undertake to support our community. The red badge is a probationary period wherein we hope you will become integrated and socialized to the club. In order to retire your red badge, the new member must complete a minimum of five out the following requirements within the first three months of membership*. It is your responsibility to track your own progress and report it to the red badge coordinator.

  1. Participate as a volunteer for a major fundraiser (required)
  2. Participate in one community service or fundraising committee
  3. Serve as a greeter for two meetings
  4. Offer an invocation
  5. Participate as a collector for raffle
  6. Attend a club board meeting
  7. Do a make up meeting at another Rotary Club
  8. Attend at least 70% of the club meeting with the first two months of membership
  9. Invite a prospective member to our luncheon and present them as a guest
  10. Attend a new member orientation
  11. Contribute substantially to the club by virtue of a specific talent or ability – determined at the discretion of the board

Members - Rotarians are requested to attend at least 60% of all regular Rotary meetings. Rotarians who miss regular Rotary Club meetings may "make up" their absence by attending a meeting of another Rotary Club.

Board Member - The Rotary Club of Dubuque holds elections prior to the end of the Calendar year, usually in late November. A call for candidates is made prior to this time, usually in September and October requesting that Rotarians interested in seeking an office should place their name in nomination. Generally, the club President oversees the recruitment of candidates and promotes interest in the upcoming elections. All members of the Board of Directors are expected to set a high standard of Rotary Service and dedication and they are required to attend each monthly meeting of the Rotary Board of Directors along with attending a high percentage of regular weekly Rotary meetings.


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