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Sisters of St. Francis's Sister Water Projects

The 100th Anniversary International Rotary Convention in Chicago in 2005 inspired the leaders of the Dubuque Rotary Club to partner with other Rotary Clubs around the world to make a difference in improving health and reducing poverty. Already involved in the Polio Plus movement, the club sought other opportunities. In 2007 the Dubuque Rotary Club learned of the efforts of the Sisters of St. Francis's Sister Water Projects in Honduras and Tanzania.

An initial partnership with the Sisters evolved into a partnership with the Salvatorian order from Milwaukee, the NGO (non-government entity) Safe Water for Life and Dignity and rotary clubs in Sacramento, California, Syndey Australia and Morogoro Tanzania. The Dubuque Rotary Club wrote the joint international grant and submitted it in March 2008. From our club's seed money of $12,500 he total amount raised through the Rotary Foundation Matching Grant Project was $61,080.

12 ring wells were constructed in the following villages: Mkundi, Newland, Kpera Mafuru, Shunleni, Lubungo Ngani, Lukonde, Mikesse-Magole, Makandika, Kisauke, Kingolwira, Sanga Sanga, King Wasa-Kinonko.

The wells brought both fresh water to these villages and the opportunity for expanded farming and education. Prior to fresh water coming to their villages, women and especially young girls would walk up to four hours in one day to carry water back from other villages. This daily task prevented young girls from being educated.

The Dubuque Rotary Club is grateful to all of our partners in helping us make a difference.

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