The Rotary Foundation was established in 1917. From the first gift of $26.50, the Foundation’s assets have grown to more than $1 billion, and more than $3 billion has been spent on programs and projects – transforming millions of lives across the globe.

The Rotary Foundation matches local funding from clubs and partnering organizations for projects brought forth by local clubs. The Rotary Foundation now supports projects that fall into one or more of 6 areas of focus:

  1. Providing Clean Water
  2. Fighting Disease
  3. Supporting Women & Children
  4. Supporting Education
  5. Growing Local Economies
  6. Promoting Peace

In addition, the grant-making process focuses to creating lasting changes in the host communities for its projects. This involves:

  1. Assessing the real needs of the community
  2. Using local materials whenever possible
  3. Using a local funding source to partner in the project
  4. Provide training, education, and outreach as part of the grant
  5. Create and implement a plan for local beneficiaries to take ownership
  6. Monitor and evaluate the goals met in project implementation

Current Global Projects
Quito, Ecuador
Rotary Club of Dubuque is leading three other Rotary Clubs, their districts and The Rotary Foundation in funding additional machine tools for the Working Boys Center Metal Mechanics Job Shop, Carpentry Shop and Trade School in Quito, Ecuador. The shops serve as a job opportunity for graduates of their Metal Mechanics and Carpentry trade schools and also bids on work for outside customers that help provides funding for the Working Boys Center programs. This Rotary Global Grant provides $48,000 for the center to purchase specific machine tools that will allow the center to add employees and earn proceeds many times over the value of these extra tools.
The Working Boys Center- Family of Families in Quito Ecuador for 52 years has successfully helped the poorest of the poor families pull themselves out of generational poverty. By applying themselves in the various schools, preschool thru high school and trade school, every member of the family emerges with a high school diploma and a marketable skill. Graduates of the center are proven to be hard-working, honest and skilled employees for businesses in Quito.