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Considering all the wonderful things Rotary Club does in the community and the world, no wonder people in the community who want to make a difference join Rotary Club. This is a special sneak peak video and the first of several "Centennial Minutes" featuring members of Rotary Club telling how and why they joined Rotary Club. Produced by Sandi Helgerson and Gary Olsen.

Senior Madrigal Singers

Here is a video of Dubuque Senior High Madrigal Singers.

Hempstead Interact

Here is a picture of our Dubuque Hempstead Interact students with backpacks they had bought with money raised from their root beer float sale.


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The Dubuque Rotary is governed by Bylaws which have been approved by our membership. The link to the bylaws is below. In addition, you will find links to procedures/guidelines for some of the committees in our club. Additional guidelines/procedures will be added in the future as they are created.

Dubuque Rotary Bylaws
(adopted by club vote 12-2-14)

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Recent Meeting News

The Rotary Rambler - February 9, 2016 Created and Submitted by Steve Davis, Club Secretary, and Steve Geisz, President

Guests & Visting Rotarians:

  • Teri Fairchild hosted Kendra Stoner as a prospective member. Kendra is in real estate with Goodman Realty and covers eastern Iowa for Insurance Success, a company providing supplemental coverage.
  • Larry Loeppke introduced Chad Malloy - a business colleague from the Overture Group.
  • Our exchange students, Haofi and Kanade, joined us again today hosted by Joey Taylor.
  • Ed Babka hosted Tim Breitfelder from Ameriprise Wealth Management. We look forward to having Tim as a prospective member.

Happy Dollars:

  • We were happy to welcome back Andrea Beacham & Larry Loeppke back after the spent some time in Austin, Texas. While there, they visited the downtown Austin club as guests of Mark Pichik.
  • Brett Pearce was happy after returning from an amazing two-week experience on a mission trip to the Philippines.
  • Andy Blakenbaker paid his $5 to invite members to the car show this weekend.

Special Presentation:

  • Jim Wagner joined us from the Veteran's Freedom Center (VFC). For the second consecutive year, the VFC and our club partnered to create the Ride N Roll for the Vets event as a benefit for our respective organizations. Today, co-chairs Steve Geisz and Teri Fairchild handed Jim a check for more than $5300. Jim says the funds they received from the event will be used to start a new program to take vets fishing. Another great idea Jim has conceived to help the veterans of all ages in our community.

Club Announcements:

  • Centennial Celebration: With the event just over a week away, about 150 registrations have been received so there are spots still available. The program that Craig & Emily have put together is amazing and it's sure to be a great evening. And an open call to all Rotary singers to rehearse a performance after the club meeting next week.
  • RYLA applications: high school sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply for a club-sponsored trip to RYLA in late July. Interact Club sponsors should remind their clubs of the opportunity as well. A few additional committee members are also requested to help with the interviews in early March.
  • A belated happy birthday to Kanade who turned 17 on Friday. She celebrated by going on a shopping trip in Iowa City where she received a surprise visit from her best friend back home. Her friend is spending the year in Ankeny, Iowa through an exchange program. Great job to Joey Taylor for making the arrangements. See how much fun it can be to host a student?!
  • Andrea emailed the list of performances at the Grand this year. There is an opportunity to serve beverages and see the shows as soon as this weekend.


Diane Fasselius let her passion for hospice shine through as she explained in detail the service that Hospice of Dubuque provides to the community. Starting in Dubuque in 1981, it's a non-profit organization consisting of family, neighbors and friends serving family, neighbors and friends. A person may be referred to hospice when their condition or disease is expected to result in their death within six months. Hospice allows that person to take control of the time they have left and provides the care on the patient's turf and on their terms. Ultimately, Hospice of Dubuque is providing comfort, information and support as needed to both the patient and their families.

Yours in Rotary,
Steve Geisz

Our fellow Rotarian, Gary Olsen, does a phenomenal job of recording audio and capturing on film all the fun we have at the weekly meetings. He works closely with Kevin Lynch's firm, Net Smart, to keep our club's website as a clear leader across all Rotary websites. If you missed the meeting or want to reminisce, I encourage you to check out the audio, and sometimes video, of the weekly meetings on


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