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Bylaws Update!

Click here to see the updated bylaws, adopted by club vote on 12/2/14. The update was made to Article 5, Section 2 regarding makeup meetings.

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Humanitarian Grant Recipients 2014-2015

The Rotary Club of Dubuque is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014-2015 Humanitarian Grants!

St. Luke's United
Methodist Church   
Opening Doors$3,000
Stonehill Benevolent
WI Badger Camp$1,000
Mary's Inn Maternity House$2,000
YMCA New Beginnings$2,000

Bylaws and Committee Guidelines / Procedures

The Dubuque Rotary is governed by Bylaws which have been approved by our membership. The link to the bylaws is below. In addition, you will find links to procedures/guidelines for some of the committees in our club. Additional guidelines/procedures will be added in the future as they are created.

Dubuque Rotary Bylaws
(adopted by club vote 12-2-14)

Fun & Frolic Guidelines

Fundraising Beneficiary Selection Guidelines

Invocation Guidelines

Member Minute Guidelines

Promotion of Events Guidelines

Recent Meeting News

The Rotary Rambler – January 20, 2015 Created and Submitted by Steve Davis, Club Secretary, and Eric Hilbun, Club President

Guests and Visiting and Rotarians
Mary Ann Gassman hosted Billy Reanes from Prairie du Chien.  Billy is employed at Sedona Staffing and is a prospective member.  Billy, we hope you had a great time and will consider visiting again!

Member Welfare:
Ken Buesing reported via email that he now has a new hip and everything is progressing nicely.  Andrea Beacham let us know that Marion Walker’s husband is doing well following removal of brain tumor.

Club Announcements:

  • Andrea Beacham told us about St. Luke’s United Methodist Church hosting Fabulous Fridays, every Friday at 12:05pm.  The mini concerts are free, last 30 minutes, and feature some of the best musical talent in Dubuque.  BYOL (bring your own lunch ;-) )
  • Centennial Celebration – Craig Beytien reminded us that the big event is February 18, 2016 and planning is underway and full steam ahead.  He mentioned that the Julien’s Journal is running an “I am Rotary” special feature each month.  Please look for much more promotion over the next few months.  Craig mentioned that his committee is looking for volunteers on the sponsorship committee.
  • Duck Race – Pat Udzielak also noted that her committee planning process is well underway.  Event sponsors are now being sought and additional committee members are welcome to join.
  • Clare Cares – I mentioned that Clare Vosberg sent a thank you note to the club for the $552 raised on a whim during her presentation.  Clare says the money will be used for at least five projects that she is working on.  She gave special thanks to Mary Ann Gassman for spearheading the effort to help Clare raise funds as well as Jessica Pape and Steve Geisz for partnerships she has made with their respective organizations.
  • City Wide Book Drive - Chuck Weber announced a book drive is being put on by the city and begins today and extends for 1 month.  Look for the flyer on the Rotary website.  Drop-off locations are scattered around town.

Member Minute:

Guy Gard was born & raised in Dubuque and graduated from Wahlert HS.  He attended Loras & UCLA before graduating from the U of I.  Guy worked four summers in LA in the entertainment industry as a “page”.  His most notable gig was spending time on the Johnny Carson show.  Guy also worked for the NBC research department where he collected feedback from viewers and test groups to enhance the network’s lineup.  He recalled befriending Sidney Sheldon’s daughter and getting invited to a birthday party where he sat between Groucho Marx and Red Buttons.  For a year Guy worked for Disney on Parade in South America.  He attended the University of West Los Angeles Law School but moved back to Dubuque before graduating to take over his father’s business, Business Supply.  Guy also bought Ambassador Travel along with a couple of other partners who he eventually bought out.  He sold the businesses, moved back to LA and returned with two limousines to establish the first limo service in Dubuque until he realized Dubuque did not warm up to a limo service.  Guy has volunteered as a board member for the Girls Club, Dubuque Symphony Orchestra and Area Residential Care.  He is a Past President of our Rotary Club, two-time Rotarian of the year and PHF +1.  During his year of reign, the District awarded this club the Club of the Year and Guy as the President of the year for the district!  Guy is married to Kelly and he has four kids.  

Steve Fisher from TH Media started out by quoting the former IL Governor, Jim Edgar who said “Communities are not run by politicians, they are run by Rotarians, Kiwanis, Lions and Optimists.”  He explained that TH Media currently has 30-35 products and they fully expect that portfolio to grow.  Among the most impactful products are their live streaming of high school and other newsworthy events and the video stories.  Steve talked about their data-driven content strategy which uses research tools to identify readership relevancy to serve the needs and passion of their consumers.  He said TH Media employs an open book management techniques which helps build a culture of innovation and trust.  Steve discussed one of their newest products, Compass DBQ which allows users to access a variety of up to date information about Dubuque through the use of the Compass DBQ app. 

Next Week’s Program
Dr. Susan Burns, Clarke's VP of Academic Affairs
Yours in Rotary,
Eric Hilbun

Our fellow Rotarian, Gary Olsen, does a phenomenal job of recording audio and capturing on film all the fun we have at the weekly meetings.  He works closely with Kevin Lynch’s firm, Net Smart, to keep our clubs website as a clear leader across all Rotary websites.  If you missed the meeting or want to reminisce, I encourage you to check out the audio, and sometimes video, of the weekly meetings on



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