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Considering all the wonderful things Rotary Club does in the community and the world, no wonder people in the community who want to make a difference join Rotary Club. This is a special sneak peak video and the first of several "Centennial Minutes" featuring members of Rotary Club telling how and why they joined Rotary Club. Produced by Sandi Helgerson and Gary Olsen.

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The Dubuque Rotary is governed by Bylaws which have been approved by our membership. The link to the bylaws is below. In addition, you will find links to procedures/guidelines for some of the committees in our club. Additional guidelines/procedures will be added in the future as they are created.

Dubuque Rotary Bylaws
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The Rotary Rambler - October 18, 2016 Submitted by Teri Fairchild - Rotary Club of Dubuque Rotary President


  • by Paul Hemmer

Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

  • Mary Ann Gassman
  • Dr. Kristen Berning hosted Alexia Oetken
  • Joey Taylor hosted Kathy Bitter and Megan Burgmeier Pierce


  • Thank you to Barbara Barker and Ron Schardt for raising $104 for RYLA scholarships

Club Announcements:

  • Million Pennies Campaign: Pat Udzielak reported that the Million Pennies Campaign has raised around $1250 in addition to the sponsorship. We are at 25% of our goal at 25% of year. Bring your piggy banks in to enter the contest next week and turn them in during the Salvation Army fund drive.
  • Dubuque Chorale Concert: Steve Geisz is organizing the wine and beer sales for the Dubuqe Chorale Concert at Steeple Square on November 5 and 6. Please sign up to attend this event!
  • Rotary Foundation: Larry Loeppke reported that the Rotary Club of Dubuque renewed 14 Paul Harris Fellow +1 or more and had 3 new Paul Harris Fellows during our recent Centennial celebration of the Rotary Foundation. The deadline for the $600 matching for a $400 contribution is over, but the $500 match for a $500 contribution is still available until December 31, 2017. Congratulations to the club members for such great support of the Rotary Foundation!

Fun and Frolic:

  • Mary Beth Theis had us laughing about the importance of coffee!


Jay Jubeck, Owner and Brew Master at Jubeck New World Brewing taught us how to make craft beer and showed us a few sample ingredients. If you want to sample Jubeck's Octoberfest product, plan to attend the Dubuque Chorale Concert at Steeple Square on Nov. 5 & 6.

Yours in Rotary,
Teri Fairchild

Our fellow Rotarian, Gary Olsen, does a phenomenal job of recording audio and capturing on film all the fun we have at the weekly meetings. He works closely with Kevin Lynch's firm, Net Smart, to keep our club's website as a clear leader across all Rotary websites. If you missed the meeting or want to reminisce, I encourage you to check out the audio, and sometimes video, of the weekly meetings on


The Dubuque Rotary's weekly meeting is:

Next Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at Noon

Meetings are held at:
Dubuque Golf & Country Club
1800 Randall Place
Dubuque, IA 52003

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Steve Geisz (upper left) was at Hempstead High School visiting their Dubuque Rotary affiliated Interact Club. The students are holding backpacks full of school supplies for one of their many community service projects. Attachments area
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