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Centennial Minute

Considering all the wonderful things Rotary Club does in the community and the world, no wonder people in the community who want to make a difference join Rotary Club. This is a special sneak peak video and the first of several "Centennial Minutes" featuring members of Rotary Club telling how and why they joined Rotary Club. Produced by Sandi Helgerson and Gary Olsen.

Humanitarian Grant Applications

Dear Community Friends: The application for Humanitarian Grants is now available! We will accept applications until Monday, August 31, 2015 at 4:00 pm.

The Humanitarian Committee awards funds to deserving entitles who demonstrate a specific need. These funds are not for general operations, but rather designed to accomplish a specific goal or project that serves your intended audience. Funds are limited and we ask that your request not exceed $3,000.

We appreciate your interest in Dubuque Rotary and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincere regards, John B. Donovan - Humanitarian Grant Chair

Click here for Humanitarian Grant Guidelines
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Bylaws and Committee Guidelines / Procedures

The Dubuque Rotary is governed by Bylaws which have been approved by our membership. The link to the bylaws is below. In addition, you will find links to procedures/guidelines for some of the committees in our club. Additional guidelines/procedures will be added in the future as they are created.

Dubuque Rotary Bylaws
(adopted by club vote 12-2-14)

Fun & Frolic Guidelines

Fundraising Beneficiary Selection Guidelines

Invocation Guidelines

Member Minute Guidelines

Promotion of Events Guidelines

Recent Meeting News

The Rotary Rambler – July 28, 2015 Created and Submitted by Steve Davis, Club Secretary, and Steve Geisz, Club President

Guests and Visiting and Rotarians:

  • Eric Hilbun hosted Kevin Kisting from Dubuque Auto Plaza
  • Gary Olsen brought along his wife of 45(!) years.

Welcome to our visitors!

Member Welfare:

  • Barbara Barker is still doing well and improving, but her cast is preventing her from being able to drive to the meetings.
  • We welcomed Reza Ehtessabian back with a grand ovation.

Special Presentations:

  • First, Past President Hilbun presented the club with the Governor's Excellence Award signifying achievement of strict criteria during the 2014/15 year. Eric thanks and congratulates the club for earning this achievement.
  • And for his contributions during the past year, Eric was presented with a plaque by President Geisz for his leadership excellence this past year. We thank Eric for his service to one of the premier clubs in the district!

Club Announcements:

  • Ride N Roll: The September 26th fundraising event to benefit the Veteran's Freedom Center is moving along well. The raffle tickets are now available for sale or purchase and you will begin seeing posters around town. Ask Steve Geisz, Teri Fairchild or any other committee member for tickets. The prizes to be given away this year are amazing so they should be an easy sell!
  • Rolling with Rotary: Past District Governor Kathy Fahy is embarking on a road trip from State College, PA to Cedar Rapids, IA with many stops in between with the purpose of showing communities that Rotary is fun. The group, which includes young professionals and RI Director Jennifer Jones, will be stopping in Dubuque on Friday, August 7th. We plan to host them at the Rotary Pavilion in the Port of Dubuque from about 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm and are planning a group photo at about 6:30 pm. Please join us and wear your Rotary shirt during this fun and casual gathering!
  • Polio Update: RI President K.R. Ravindran (Ravi) and RI Foundation Chair Ray Klinginsmith issued a letter to Rotarians this week to highlight the achievement in Nigeria. The country recently passed the one year mark of no new cases of the wild poliovirus. In addition to this great news, they shared many other interesting facts and updates to Rotary's vision of eradicating polio so I encourage you to visit the RI website to read more.


Bobby Hansen, former Iowa Hawkeye, NBA player and currently in Community and Membership Development at the Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa joined us to talk about the BBB. The BBB originated over 100 years ago and quickly aligned with Rotary clubs to fulfill its mission. It started in Minnesota as an advertising review association following complaints about a beverage manufacturer making false accusations.
Today the BBB not only rates businesses on a scale of A+ through F, it provides scholarships to kids, allows customers of its member businesses to submit reviews and also acts as mediator to help customers have a positive experience in the marketplace. In extreme cases where mediation is not successful, it will arrange for binding arbitration to resolve conflict. The BBB uses eight guiding principles to help its member businesses find success.
We thank Bobby for his time and information about the BBB and it was a pleasure hearing some first-hand stories from his playing days for the Hawkeyes and Bulls.

Next Week's Program:

Steve McCoy and Rick Kruser will update us on the recent successes and expansion of the Potosi Brewing Company.

Yours in Rotary,
Steve Geisz

Our fellow Rotarian, Gary Olsen, does a phenomenal job of recording audio and capturing on film all the fun we have at the weekly meetings.  He works closely with Kevin Lynch's firm, Net-Smart, to keep our club's website as a clear leader across all Rotary websites.  If you missed the meeting or want to reminisce, I encourage you to check out the audio, and sometimes video, of the weekly meetings on


The Dubuque Rotary's weekly meeting is:

Next Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at Noon

Meetings are held at:
Dubuque Golf & Country Club
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