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Considering all the wonderful things Rotary Club does in the community and the world, no wonder people in the community who want to make a difference join Rotary Club. This is a special sneak peak video and the first of several "Centennial Minutes" featuring members of Rotary Club telling how and why they joined Rotary Club. Produced by Sandi Helgerson and Gary Olsen.


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The Dubuque Rotary is governed by Bylaws which have been approved by our membership. The link to the bylaws is below. In addition, you will find links to procedures/guidelines for some of the committees in our club. Additional guidelines/procedures will be added in the future as they are created.

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The Rotary Rambler - November 17th, 2015 Created and Submitted by Steve Davis, Club Secretary, and Steve Geisz, President


  • Lee Rosenthal hosted Morgan Knowles. Morgan and her husband recently relocated to Dubuque from Des Moines and she is a prospective member.
  • Kathy Kurt Introduced Frank McClain from the Grand Opera House. Frank is interested in becoming a member as well.
  • Danita welcomed our two exchange students - Kanabe and Haofei. Gary Olsen introduced two visiting Rotarians from the Elgin, IL club Ralph and Vera Helm, along with District Governor's sister-in-law, Margaret Schaefer.

New Member Induction:

  • We welcomed Mark McDermott back to our club who was a former member until a few years ago. Mark has been extremely engaged with events already including Santa Cash. We look forward to having Mark back with us.

Club Announcements:

  • Paul Harris Match: thanks to the unrelenting generosity of a handful of our fellow members, the club is offering the PHF matching program again this year. The match allows us to contribute an amount to our PHF between now and December 31st and that amount will be matched 1:1. Contribute $500 and it will be matched with $500 to earn your Paul Harris Fellow designation.
  • Centennial Celebration: you should have received a mailing recently with a save the date and an opportunity to advertise yourself or your business in the 28-page editorial piece that will be delivered to all Telegraph Herald subscribers in January. Also of note that registrations and payment are now being accepted online for the February 18, 2016 dinner event which will officially mark our 100 year anniversary.
  • Santa Cash: Lee and Sandi remind us that now is the time to support the clubs efforts to generate funds for both our humanitarian gifts and for the Boys & Girls Club. Raffle tickets have been slashed in half this year to $50 each so the chances to win are much greater. Small grab bag items are also requested as gifts that will be given to Rotarians who support the fundraising efforts each week.
  • Youth Exchange: Danita reminds us to think of our two students when you are planning activities. They are interested in getting out and experiencing life with us. It will be beneficial to them and you are sure to enjoy the experience as well. And keep in mind, Danita will soon be looking for host families for next year. Start thinking and talking about the opportunity that provides and consider volunteering to host a student during the 2016/17 school year.
  • Elections: Nominations are being accepted now through December 31st for board and officer roles that begin on July 1, 2016. Up for election are the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer roles in addition to three board member positions. You may nominate someone else or you may nominate yourself. Please contact one of us (Steve Geisz or Steve Davis) to submit your nomination. The elections will be held in early January. All nominees will be contacted prior to the election to confirm they are willing and able to serve.


Thank you to our District Governor, Jozsef (Joe) Gitta for joining us today. Joe asked us to be a gift to the world by understanding what it feels like to receive a gift. We know that, as Rotarians, we are doing good in the world but we sometimes fail to step back and understand how we are truly impacting someone's life. We can certainly feed off of the drive and passion for Rotary that Joe exemplifies through his personal experiences. It's beneficial to look back to Rotary's origins 110 years ago when Paul Harris looked to achieve fellowship among honest, ethical and diverse people. Some of the same things still drive our great organization today.

Thanks again to DG Gitta and Assistant Governor, Linda Nudd, for rejuvenating the spirit of Rotary in Dubuque.

Next Week's Program:
Kristen Woodward-Vaassen, Two by Two

Yours in Rotary,
Steve Geisz

Our fellow Rotarian, Gary Olsen, does a phenomenal job of recording audio and capturing on film all the fun we have at the weekly meetings. He works closely with Kevin Lynch's firm, Net-Smart, to keep our club's website as a clear leader across all Rotary websites. If you missed the meeting or want to reminisce, I encourage you to check out the audio, and sometimes video, of the weekly meetings on


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